Psychology & Counseling Associates

When emotional, mental or behavioral issues make life complicated, Psychology & Counseling Associates of Northwest Arkansas is here to help.

We are an independent, community-focused mental health practice of more than a dozen highly trained mental health professionals providing a wide variety of services in the areas of mental, emotional and behavioral health. We serve the mental-health and psychological-counseling needs of:

::   Adults
::   Children & Adolescents
::   Families
::   Couples

Our knowledgeable and caring staff are professionally trained to assist you and your loved ones with the mental, behavioral and emotional issues that impact your life.

Our approach is summed up in three simple words: Professional. Private. Personalized.


Susan L. Shackelford, Ph.D.  |  Angela Chapman, M.D.  |  Timothy A. Cavell, Ph. D.
Lauri Balk, Psy.D.  |  Angela Perea, Psy.D.  |  Katie Freeman, LCSW  |  Kamie Meeks, LCSW   

Caroline Sawyer, LCSW  |  L. Carol Cordell, LPC  |  Kristy Bailey, LPE


Inclement Weather Policy:
 *If Fayetteville school district is closed this office will open at 10:00 am.
*If the University of Arkansas is closed this office will be closed.


Our comprehensive array of services includes:

:: Psychotherapy/Counseling
:: Medication Management
:: Couples Therapy
:: Client & Family Education
:: Learning Evaluations
:: Inpatient Consultations
:: Custody Evaluations

Conditions and life-circumstances for which we can provide help include:

::  Attention-Deficit /
    Hyperactivity Disorder
::  Depression, Anxiety & Panic
::  Eating Disorders
::  Relationship Difficulties
::  Men's and Women's Health
::  Divorce, Life-Transition & Grief
::  Stress Management

Psychology & Counseling Associates
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American Psychological Association
 Arkansas Psychological Association
American Medical Association
Academy of Cognitive Therapy
Academy for Eating Disorders
Assoc. for Applied Sports Psychology (AASP)
APA Division 47 (Sports & Exercise Psychology)