Service Animals and Support Animals

After the World Trade Center was attacked on 9/11, a local bookstore owner found that many people came into the shop to pet the store dog. They’d spend long minutes petting and talking to the dog, take a quick turn… Read more »

The Game

Girls are taught to be careful and to defend themselves. Don’t walk alone after dark. Don’t go into that neighborhood. Don’t dress like that. Don’t go into a bar. Don’t go into that room. Be aware. Look around you. Don’t… Read more »

Good Pain and Bad Pain

An athlete may wake up with sore muscles and tightness after a tough workout, but that athlete will tell you that sore muscles are good pain. Along with those aching arms or legs comes the satisfaction of a good workout…. Read more »

Quantity and Quality in Human Interactions

Tom Rath, in his new book Are You Fully Charged?, identifies three keys to operating at peak performance: Meaning Interactions Energy One of these might be surprising. “Interactions” is defined in this book as “creating far more positive than negative… Read more »